Stats Glossary

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.XXX/.XXX/.XXX/.XXX (Batting average, On-base percentage, Slugging percentage, On-base plus Slugging)


Times on base divided by plate apperances

Measures how efficiently a player gets on base


Total Bases divided by at bats

Batting Average with extra base hits taken into account



Measures a player’s ability to get on base and drive the ball


OPS scaled to account for ballpark and league average

Average OPS+ is automatically set at 100. 115 = 15% above average, 85 = 15% below average


Same as OPS+ with different adjustments


Properly weights all aspects of hitting without a league/ballpark scale, essentially is OBP with accounts to run environment.


ERA predictor that takes into account strikeouts, walks, and home runs. The three outcomes that pitchers are in full control of

By Daniel Curren

Daniel Curren is a sophomore studying communication/sports journalism at Springfield College in Massachusetts. He is a rare but proud Red Sox fan from New York and has a passion for all things sabermetrics. He also co-hosts Above Replacement Radio on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

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